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Return & Exchange Policy

Return & Exchange Policy regulation at

It is not a problem if you change your mind!

• You will receive a full refund if you return your purchased item within 14 days upon presentation of proof of purchase.

• The goods must be unused and in their original state. This also applies to packaging and labeling.

• Earrings, piercings and gift vouchers are excluded from exchange.

• If you paid by credit or debit card, the refund amount will be credited to the card used to pay for your item.

• If you have paid with a gift certificate, you will receive a new gift certificate equal to the refund amount.

If something you buy turns out to be faulty we recommend you to contact us immediately as possible so we can review the item and assess the fault. Otherwise we recommend you contact our Customer Service team in advance on +923222722222 to discuss the best way to proceed.

If the item is faulty we will give you a refund or exchange the item if possible. If the item is not faulty but has suffered from excessive wear and tear, misuse or malicious damage, we will discuss the situation with you. We will not be able to offer a refund in such cases.